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Lime Mortar Pointing Services-Bristol

Lime mortar pointing is recommended in the restoration of stonework on traditional and period homes. Unlike cement, lime mortar is flexible and breathable and will allow the building to disperse moisture and move with the seasons.

Repointing should be carried out if the mortar joints are loose, crumbling or have weathered back to such an extent that a ledge has formed, encouraging water ingress. Repointing with lime should also be considered when hard mortars such as cement are causing damage to the surrounding traditional stone or brick as this will progressively worsen over time.

We apply a sympathetic approach to each of our lime pointing projects, using hot mixed air lime mortars that provide a true like for like material that is compatible with historic masonry where hydraulic limes are not. This ensures that we preserve the history of a building or structure for generations to come.

Being based within the historical city of Bristol within close proximity to Bath and the Cotswold’s, we have experience lime pointing buildings and structures with local stone such as Bristol pennant sandstone and Bath & Cotswold limestone among others. We repoint a range of heritage buildings including houses, cottages, barns, churches, chapels and listed buildings.

Our current project is the Grade 2* listed 14th century Pele tower at Sutton Court where we are making repairs to the castellations using hot lime mortar.

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